How Much Does a Bath Fitter Cost?

The term ‘bath fitter’ comes from the company The Bath Fitter Company, which was introduced in 1984. This was formed to quickly complete the bathroom remodeling process and can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Read the article further to learn more about the cost-effectiveness of a bath fitter, how much it costs for installation and labor, and the further costs entailed while trying to install or use it. 

Everything You Need to Know About Bath Fitter Costs

A bath fitter, often used for bathroom renovation, is an innovative and time-saving method of changing your bathroom by putting an overlay cover over the present tiles and tub. This helps in clearing out unnecessary scraps or clutter, and the remodeling process can be done within a few hours of a day rather than incorporating a traditional way of remodeling, which requires the repair of the whole thing.

And the major benefit is that, as it requires only a few hours of time, you need not relocate or change your bathroom within that short span of time. You can easily fit the bath fitter and get the changes done without heavily changing the tiles each time, and it is also a practical option. Most often, an acrylic sheet is recommended for covering the tiles, floor, and bathtub of the bathroom so that it does not allow for leaks. 

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Budgeting for Your Bathroom: A Bath Fitter Price Guide

There are a lot of factors that affect the price of a bath fitter, depending on the type and size of your bathroom, labor, and other features. 

  • Quartz ($3600–$9000): This is one such affordable and cost-effective option for natural stone. Easy maintenance and stain resistance are a few standout advantages of this stone. 
  • Solid surface ($260–$2000): 

With an easy-to-clean surface and properties that are preferable for a clean bathtub, this look can be customized as per your preference, offering a neat look. 

  • Acrylic ($400–$700): quite resistant to any stains and minor damages, and available in various colors and designs. 
  • Ceramics ($120–$900): Similar to acrylic, they are also available in multiple colors and designs. Can be easily customized and provide an aesthetic appearance. 

For smaller bathrooms or smaller areas, the cost ranges from $2600 to $3000. But for larger bathrooms or oversized bathrooms, the cost of installation comes in at around $4000 or more. 

Comparing Bath Fitter Costs: What to Expect

A bath fitter costs around and ranges from $1000 and can go higher till $10000, for installation. The tub for the bath fitter also costs a lot and is quite expensive, but it varies according to different factors like size, brand, type, and also the conditions of your bathroom. But yes, this is quite less costly and cost-effective compared to installing a new tub and shower in your bathroom, rather than just fitting in a bath fitter that makes the process easier and more convenient. 

The average bathtub liner ranges from $700 to $1400, while installing a new tub or shower valve costs around or sometimes more than the budgeted amount of $5000 to $7000. Before choosing one option over another, your expected budget that you are willing to spend or allocate for such work should be considered. 

Breaking Down the Expense: Bath Fitter Pricing Explained

Bath Fitter Pricing Explained

The price of the price of the bath fitter can vary based on different characteristics and properties of it, like its brand, add-on features, the size of the bathroom, etc. Following are some popular brands that provide an idea of the cost of the bath fitter liner:

  • Bath Fitter: With features involving acrylic bathtubs and renovations pertaining to your preference, it can range from $2500 to $3000 for a fitting. 
  • The Home Depot: The payment varies from $3000 to $3200, and they are also known for selling acrylic tub liners and also working on partnerships. 
  • Bath Planet: Though it’s one of the costliest budgets you can get on as it costs around $8500, They work on acrylic liners and the replacement of tubs, with installation being done within a day. 
  • Additional features or add-ons can also have an influence on the price, like shower doors, wainscotting, ceiling panels, soap dishes, shower rods, grab bars, and shelving. 

Budget-Friendly Bath Fitter Options: How to Save Money

There are multiple ways to renovate your bathtub or shower, but a bath fitter is one such affordable option for better renovation and a neater finish to your shower within a short amount of time. 

  • Consider Basic Designs: Rather than choosing upgraded or complex designs, go for the basic liner design, keeping it simple. 
  • Select Pre-designed Wall Panels: The installation process, if it’s simple and has a combination of acrylic materials, can help curtail unwanted costs and contribute to savings. 
  • Work With Your Existing Bathroom Layout: Rather than relocating or changing the overall design of the area of your bathroom and changing more of the size and shape of the shower materials, you can use a bath tub fitter to reduce such workings. 
  • Research and Compare Quotes: Work on getting quotes from companies that offer different bath liner services to gain an outlook on the comparative prices for the products. The add-ons, materials, and services provided by different brands should be considered while considering the price to be paid. 

How Much Did Their Bath Fitter Installation Cost?”

The cost ranges from $2600 to $3000 for small areas required to be covered in bath liner showers. And for oversized or larger bathtubs requiring many additions, the total cost may amount to around $4000 to $6000 and may go higher based on the size and materials used. 

One should pay much attention to the size of the bathroom, as it can affect labor costs and involve complex procedures during installation, increasing the total cost of the project. The larger the bathroom, the higher  the amount spent on labor and materials. While the bathroom is smaller, the effort and energy spent on such an installation would be greater, as extra attention should be paid to fitting the bath liner securely. 

Labor Costs

The labor cost for installing a bath fitter can vary from $1500 to $2000. But if you are hiring contractors on a per-day basis, the wage ranges from $50 to $200 per hour, which also depends on the amount of work they do. When comparing or getting quotes from companies, you can also get the labor costs along with the quote. 

But on the whole, the total labor costs and installation costs depend on the bathroom size, the procedures involved in installation, the materials used, the brand chosen to work with, and also the additional features and add-ons to be included. 

Is a bath fitter worth the cost?

Yes, if your existing bathtub and shower are in good working condition with less damage. But if it has any mold, creaks, cracks, or leaks, this would not be a better option. A bath fitter is a feasible option for people who are in a rush to get the work done in a day or so and are finding the best economical options to clear the refurbishment instead of installing everything new. 

There are other alternatives to the bath fitter as well, being:

  • Bathtub reglazing
  • Bathtub liner
  • Tub-to-shower conversion
  • Bathtub replacement

But these alternatives cost quite a lot more than the budgeted range fixed for the reconstruction. The bath fitter can be used on an overall price-paying basis, making it less expensive compared to the individual costs of the above. 

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