How Much is Bath Fitter- A Comprehensive Analysis

While working on the construction or re-doing your bathroom, you have to consider certain aspects like where to fit the shower, or whether a bath is necessary to fit in here.

But likewise, it may also bring in huge changes to your budget that you have fixed for that purpose including the material and labour that you might have to spend on. But what if we told you that there is no need to completely change each and every tile of your bathroom or your old bathtub, but can quickly decorate the bathroom with a bath fitter. 

It’s a quick solution to renovating your bathroom and add in a little bit of innovation. But, what is a bath fitter? It’s benefits, costs, and why it should be installed, etc,. can be read in this article covering the most important details of A bath fitter. 

What is a Bath Fitter?

The term ‘bath fitter’ comes from the company – The Bath Fitter Company, when it was introduced in 1984.

This was formed to quickly complete the bathroom remodelling process, and can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.  Bath fitter, often used for bathrooms renovation, is an innovative and time saving method of changing your bathroom by putting an overlay cover over the present tiles and tub.

This helps in clearing out unnecessary scraps or clutter and the remodel process can be done within a few hours of a day, rather than incorporating a traditional way of remodelling which requires repair of the whole thing.

Bath Fitter- A Comprehensive

And the major benefit is that as it requires only a few hours of time, you need not relocate or change your bathroom within that short span of time. You can easily fit the bath fitter, get the changes done without heavily changing the tiles each time, and it is also a practical option. Most often an acrylic sheet is recommended for covering the tiles, floor and bathtub of the bathroom, so that it does not allow for leaks. 

How much is Bath Fitter?

On an average, a bath fitter costs around $1000 for installation. It ranges from $1000 and can go as high as $10000.

The bath fitter tub also costs quite expensive but also it depends on other factors like size, type and conditions of your bathroom. So if we compare the ranging prices of bath fitter or bathtub liner to a new installation of new tub and shower we can know which is the most better and economical option amongst the two. 

For instance, say that the standard bathtub liner costs ranges from $700 to $1400. But installing a new shower valve or a new tub costs more than that ranging from $5000 to $7000. And likewise, before choosing an option, the budget for such renovation has to be kept in mind and the most effective and economically feasible option should be chosen. 

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Bath Fitter cost factors

The below factors have a fluctuating impact on the prices of the bath fitter:

  • New tub Vs Liner:

The existing bathtub may require replacement if it is damaged, making it not suitable for a liner, which impacts the cost. Bath fitters also comes with an option to replace your existing tub with a new one if it is damaged, according to your style and can upgrade as per your preferences as well. 

  • Wall panel style

Bath fitter’s shower wall panels have a different variety of colours and textures, that also include options that somehow resemble the subway tile or marble, making the bathroom spaces more polished or a neat one. 

  • Shower /tub size and shape

The bath fitters installation are always custom made to fit in to your style and also it fit in your present tub size and shape. Costs may vary according to the size majorly, requiring more material for installation.

  • Shower doors

Bath fitter costs also increases based on the shower doors chosen. If you are going for a hinged, sliding or a pivoting framed shower door, the costs vary accordingly.

  • Shower head and faucet

The shower head and faucets are additional additives to the original bath fitter. And if you are going for that, shower head installation takes a separate cost and faucet installation takes another cost. 

Bath Fitter pros & cons


  • Easy installation and quick fix
  • Done within a span of two or three days
  • Less demolition required as the liners fit offer a protective lining
  • Grab bars and safety equipment’s installed for easy mobility 
  • Acrylic liners make it easy to clean with no cracks.
  • Less leverage to the growth of mould
  • Better than tub refinishing


  • Future repairs or updating may require liner to be replaced again
  • Jetted or jacuzzi tubs are not suitable for this
  • Less colour or styles for a fitter
  • Quite expensive than the typical bathtub liner or tub deglazing option.

Is Bath Fitter worth it?

Yes, if your existing bathtub and shower are in good working condition with less damages. But if it has any mould, creaks, cracks or leaks this would not be a better option. Bath fitter is a feasible option for people who are win a rush to get the work done, with a day or so and are finding best economical options to clear the refurbishing instead of installing everything new. 

There are other alternatives to the bath fitter as well being 

  • Bathtub reglazing
  • Bathtub liner
  • Tub to shower conversion
  •  Bathtub replacement

But these alternatives cost quite a lot more than the budgeted range fixed for the reconstruction. The bath fitter can be used on an overall price-paying basis making it less pricey compared to the individual costs of the above.

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