PERGOLA VS GAZEBO: Which Is Better Pergola Or Gazebo?

More often people who do not know the exact meaning and purpose of a gazebo and pergola, get confused with each other and find it similar in many ways.

But they are quite distinct and different from each other, offering advantages of their own and benefits catering to the needs and preferences of the users. 

Read the article further to know more about the advantages and purpose of both a gazebo and a pergola, their differences, cost-effectiveness, materials used, and what is mostly preferred in modern homes. 

What Is A Pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure that is mostly designed with vertical columns, and a roof having a lattice-style design, having beams and rafters.

They are mostly used in backyards and patios and for gardening purposes or for places where not much shade is required. Pergolas are different types- like freestanding pergolas, attached pergolas, awning pergolas, and arched pergolas. 

Pergolas can be made of different materials too like PVC, wood, aluminum, iron, and composite materials allowing many varieties and designs for durability and appeal. 

Pergolas are more suitable for people looking for a budgeted option and a free space with an extended garden to keep their backyard or garden modern. 

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What is a Gazebo?

Gazebos are structures that are mostly often found outside and designed with an enclosed roof system, which is supported by pillars on all four sides. 

They are of Victorian, Modern, and Asian Gazebos types where each has their distinct style and elements. They are mostly made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, or fabric gazebos are the most common materials used. 

They are traditional structures, compared to pergolas, and are the most suitable choice if you live hanging out with people or inviting people for dinners or gatherings. 

Which is better pergola or gazebo
PERGOLA VS GAZEBO: Which Is Better Pergola Or Gazebo? 3

What is the Difference Between a Pergola and a Gazebo?

Below are a few differences between a pergola and a gazebo: 

  • Roof design and structure

One of the major differences between them is the roof design and structure. While a pergola roof is usually a horizontal lattice of interlocking beams, gazebos have fully covered roofs and structures sturdier than pergolas.

  • Design

People opting for chic, sleek, and modern structures opt for pergolas while gazebos are more traditional structures, providing an aesthetical appeal to the individual.

Gazebos are like small homes or miniature houses, which provide enough shade and can provide enough protection for a gathering under their roof. Pergolas are airy structures that do not have an overall shade as a roof, and it is most preferable for garden-like displays and structures. 

  • Freestanding or attached 

Attached pergolas are more like an additional structure to the house, and offer a good function as an outdoor living space. Gazebos at permanent structures that can be attached to bigger or larger homes. 

  • Maintenance 

Pergolas are easy to maintain as compared to gazebos. The solid roof of the gazebo makes room for water retention and mold growth while pergolas are easy to fix and maintain. 

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PERGOLA VS. GAZEBO roof Structure

The major distinguishing point of the pergola and a gazebo is its roof. Gazebos have a permanent structure while pergolas do not have a permanent roof. 

Gazebos are four-sided structures that have a roof canopy, which is made out of materials that are hard and sturdy like wood, metal, and heavy-duty fabric. 

This kind of all-weather roof provides protection against any kind of weather situation, any contingency making it a suitable space to use under any circumstances that can withstand changes in external weather. 

Gazebos are suited for summer parties, dinner gatherings, and other gatherings as they provide enough shade and protection. Pergolas are open-air spaces or structures, often made out of timber posts, and structures that support horizontal roof beams.

It is more suitable for spaces where it doesn’t require much shade or protection from external sources, and it is more suitable for gardening or growing plants as it’s airy. 

Pergolas are suitable for decking and framing patios, making your garden look more aesthetically pleasing and appealing, making it stand alone amidst the overall structure of the house.

Most often, wood is not preferred for pergolas and more modern but strong materials that are good alternatives to wood are chosen for the structure, giving it an overall polished and modern look. 

What is a Better Investment: GAZEBO VS. PERGOLA?

The better investment option or choice will depend mostly on the space you have in the house. To make the most or utmost utilization of the outdoor space you have, you have to think of the area and space necessary, to fill in with a gazebo or a pergola. 

While a pergola is an open-air structure that provides enough shade and can be defined for an area, to use for entertainment or other purposes like lunch or dining.

It mostly comprises four posts with cross beams and a latticework that is covered with any aesthetic kind of climbing plants, to give a Greece vibe to it. 

A gazebo is mostly a freestanding pavilion, and an octagonal structure, which offers more shade and protection than a pergola while providing outstanding views of the landscape. 

Gazebos are more suitable for people who like to be in the open, but have an enclosed space, making it better suited for people preferring privacy and shade from sun and rain. 

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What is Cheaper a Pergola or a Gazebo?

Generally, pergolas are considered to be cheaper than gazebos. Pergolas are often the preferred choice as they require few components for installation and also come with a simple design.

They are made of metal posts or wood, with lattice roof that provides part shade. Gazebos are quite complex in their structure and construction, having solid roofs and walls, making them more expensive than pergolas. 

But overall it also depends on the size, requirement, materials available, and various other factors. It is necessary to compare the prices and also the comparative value before making the final purchase. 

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