Elevate Your Décor: How to Build the Perfect Modern Accent Wall for Your TV

Living room is the open area or space of the house in the interior that attracts the guests or outsiders the most. It is the place where you lounge, play or watch TV, or read something and pass time in.

So to meet such requirements and be a space attractive enough to spend time with, the decor, furniture, prints, paints, etc must move or be installed in line with the personality of the resident of the house.

This article brings you relevant details regarding the decor of the living space or room, how to adorn it and what are the different type of accent walls where TV is mounted upon for easy and comfortable watch.

What is a TV Accent Wall?

TV accent wall is the space in your living room, or a wall in your living space where your TV will be mounted. The particular wall where the TV is mounted on should be adorned and painted in such a way to make it look stand out and distinct from other walls, or sides of walls.

The wall behind the TV can enhance the overall look of the space and also enhance the appeal of the overall look of the room and space. Some like to keep it simple by going with the normal colour paints or designs suitable for such space, while some experiment with colours and designs.

The point of this is to keep the focus on the TV and the center point of the room, drawing attention to that space.

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Which wall should be the accent wall?

Though the process of choosing an accent wall maybe fun and kind of like a DIY project to do on your own, it is quite a tough decision to make which should be taken after various confusions and considerations.

You must choose a wall where it suits the home decor and also which is at a particular center part attracting attention.

  • The size of the room is to be considered, as if you have a small room – mild and neutral colors will suit the space more and if you have a larger room, bold and loud colours and designs can be used to bring in the liveliness as well as the homeliness to the area.
  • Living Room functions should also be taken into consideration while picking the wall.
  • Existing colours in the room should be paid attention to, as anything contrast may make the room or wall look too odd. For instance, for a neutral coloured walls of the room, anything bold may go along with the roommakingthe wall standout.
  • Lighting of the room and the basic style that you wish to go for should be considered.
  • The wall placement is one such important point to be noticed, as you have to choose the most visible wall to stand out as the wall where the TV will be mounted on.

Types of Accent Walls

Textured Accent Walls

A textured accent walls have three dimensions, or it provides the illusion of having three dimensions. You can also get imaginative with providing theme for each rooms, such as kitchens, dining rooms, workshops, playrooms, etc.

You can finish the wall by using a rag or sponge to make it gives a polished look like that of a marble. And many also apply a gauze and run it in a circular motion to give it an old yet a washed out look making it creative outlook on the theme or print of the wall.

Geometric Accent Walls

Using shapes and lines and forms is one of the easiest way to adorn a wall for any quick fix or when you don’t want to leave the wall empty, but don’t want to spend much time thinking about how to decorate it beautifully.

It adds theme and character to the room, and the wall is made up of geometric shapes like diamond, squares, triangles, hexagons and circles. You can go for a monochrome pallette or can color block the geometric shapes, to give a neat and classy look.

Wallpaper Accent Walls

There are a lot of options in this type of wall, as you can work it by yourself or take ideas from the internet to give a more interesting and eye-catching look to your room.

There are a lot of DIY methods to fill up the room by mounting wallpapers like bookshelves to give it a more bookish and rustic look, and painting it with a different tone to appeal to the eyes, and make the wall stand out.

Artistic Accent Walls

Artistic accent walls are walls where any artwork or decoration or much more artistic works that are mostly adorned in showcases are fixed on the wall or attached to the wall by giving into the theme of the room.

Artistic look to the room or the wall makes it look appealing, where you can provide hangings, or attach mirrors, paintings, or any form of artwork for display along with the TV to make the space look sacred and stand out.

How to Decorate The Wall Behind The TV?
Elevate Your Décor: How to Build the Perfect Modern Accent Wall for Your TV 3

How to Decorate The Wall Behind The TV

Decorate an accent wall shouldn’t be a tedious task or something that entails huge energy or labor. You can either simply repaint the walls to a different color to make the wall stand out, or install shelves and have a storage space or showcases of books or toys to give it an overall complete look.

It depends on one’s preference, where some may prefer the minimalistic approach, while others would like to keep it bold and loud adoring the wall with decorations or wallpaper of their taste.

The following are few popular ideas of decorating the wall behind the TV:

  • Paint the wall
  • Add wall accessories
  • Gallery wall to be surrounding the TV
  • Wall paneling
  • Brick wall to give off an industrial look
  • Use of wallpaper
  • Decorative stones like black onyx and limestone
  • Installing shelves or hanging mirrors
  • Mounting the TV on a mantel
  • Keeping it simple with using different paint or prints
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Should you put a TV on an accent wall?

Yes, the TV should be adorned or mounted on the accent wall, to bring in the attention and focus to that wall or TV on that wall, as the room center focus should be directed towards the TV.

Being the living room and also a lounge room where you can spend your leisure time there, watching movies or playing games, the space should be a comfortable space where your furniture and the chair you sit on is focused or directed towards the TV.

Which wall in my living room should be the accent wall?

To choose the wall as accent wall and where the TV will be mounted on, you have to consider the following:

  • Choose the wall that you want to make it stand out or make it as the focal point of the living room.
  • Architectural features or point of the wall where it makes it the odd one out, with textures like built-in book wall, fireplace or a brick wall.
  • If the wall is attached to a slanted ceiling,you should avoid choosing that.
  • Wall with windows can also be chosen as the accent wall, but pay attention to the lights or colours used on the wall.

What is the most popular accent wall color?

One of the most popular accent wall color is being minimalistic and painting it with either a neutral colour to tone it down, or a bold colour contrast to other neutral colors to make it stand out. You have to pay attention to textures, working on the stone or tile that is mostly suitable for the wall and the room.

You can also consider wallpapers, or decorate the room with furniture or accessories or decor that bring out the color of the room making it look more livelier and homelier.

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Choosing the right wall for the TV accent

The accent wall can be chosen by picking a wall that already stands out, or by picking a wall that you want to stand out, by painting it with bold colours to bring out the mood of the room.

A wall with already different textures like a fireplace, windows or built-in bookshelf can be an ideal accent wall, or a wall which is quite the focus wall of the living room can be utilized as the accent wall for mounting the TV.

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