Hackzall vs Sawzall: Which Is Best For Cutting?

Hackzall vs Sawzall : Both Hackzall and Sawzall are two types of saws, which are extremely powerful tools used for cutting different materials.

People often confuse them to be the same, however, there are distinctive differences between the two tools, sawzall and hackzall.

Hackzall and Sawzall are both reciprocating saws, used in cutting wood to metals. These reciprocating tools have become a crucial part of construction, renovation, and installation in modern days. The reciprocating tools are a product of various brands. 

The brand that made these two reciprocating saws is Milwaukee Tools. Due to their powerful features, and design, these useful tools are now a favourite to many workers.

Although both Hackzall and Sawzall are used in cutting materials, there are some significant differences. 

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This article will describe every little difference between these two reciprocating saws, Hackzall and Sawzall.

Read the article until the end to learn about the answer to Hackzall vs Sawzall: Which Is Best For Cutting?

What is Hackzall Saw? 

Hackzall is a lightweight reciprocating saw with a pistol grip design. It is usually designed to cut wood, plywood, metal, plastic etc.

It may look similar to a normal hacksaw but the tool is quite different. 

Hackzall has an attached automatic mechanism designed for one-handed operation. Due to its one-handed mechanism, the tool is lightweight.

While it is less heavy, the weight is centred towards the pistol grip for a steady hand during the cutting. 

A Hackzall is essentially used to cut small materials quickly and effortlessly. Unlike many devices, the blade in Hackzall stretches out from the top of the device, not from the side. 

Nowadays, it offers anti-vibration constriction so that it can be cut more precisely. Hackzall comes out in both wired and battery-operated.

The cordless and wireless one is portable and can be transported anytime anywhere. 

Hackzall Saws

What is Sawzall Saws?

Sawzall Saw is another reciprocating saw by Milwaukee. It is longer and has a two-handed tool.

As a large tool, the sawzall saw has more power than the Hackzall unit, used to cut harder materials. 

Sawzall saws have a heavy-duty blade on the rear area with a trigger in the back. The design helps the worker to stand behind the saw for maximum safety and cut through the material precisely. 

The longer body design and counterweight balance allow the worker to hold the tool like a rifle. These saws are connected to power sources via cords. 

However, nowadays, the Sawzall Saws come in both corded and battery-powered models. 

The tool may not be portable but modern-day sawzalls have some modern feathers. Now one can connect the device with smartphones as well.

It is used to check the battery life and other performances. 

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Sawzall Saws

Difference Between The Hackzall And Sawzall Saws

The two reciprocating saws Hacksaw and Sawzall may have almost the same features but they have some significant differences too.

Besides their size and design, there are other differences too. Hackzall vs Sawzall differences are down below—

Size and Design

The most telling difference between the two tools is their shape and design. Hackzall is smaller in size compared to Sawzall. While hackzall is small it is lightweight, sawzall is large, it is heavy to use.

Both the tools have a pistol-like trigger but Hackzall doesn’t have a trigger guard to operate the tool. 

One-handed vs two handed Saw

The Hackzall is designed to be used with one hand. There is no place to put their hand on the device. 

On Sawzall, it requires two hands to operate the device. Put one hand on the trigger and the other one on the guard over the blade to balance it out. It may look like a difference between a pistol and a rifle, with their unique features. 


The only advantage that makes Hackzall ahead of Sawzall is its portability. Hackzall is small and lightweight, therefore you can carry it anywhere. You can carry and use it with precision as many times as you want. 

Sawzall is large and requires both hands to use. It is best suited for larger materials with less precision. Being a big device, a sawzall can not be carried around like a hackzall. 


A hackzall may not be quite as powerful as a sawzall. It is used to cut small things compared to what Sawzall is used for. It is not useful for heavy work. 

Sawzallz on the other hand, is more powerful. It is designed to cut thicker and heavier materials such as metal, PVC wood etc.

This tool can cut any big material so it is used in demolition work with ease for the massive power it holds. 

Which Is Best For Cutting: Hackzall or Sawzall?

Both Hackzall and Sawzall have different uses, designed for different applications. While both work reasonably, it truly depends on the user’s need to decide which one is better for cutting. 

The Hackzall is a small yet powerful tool, used for cutting smaller materials. This small tool is portable and can be used in a narrow space.

The tool may be small, containing a smaller blade but it can cut through various materials, even metal sheets.

Contrary to a Hackzall, a Sawzall is a tool used for heavy materials, possessing raw cutting power.

Due to its heavy cutting power, Sawzall is used in demolition work for cutting hard and compact materials.

The longer blade in Sawzall can easily cut through metal surfaces, thicker woods and even a concrete wall.

Therefore, Hackzall and Sawzall, both are best in their respective applications. It is up to the user to decide where to properly apply the tools respectively. 

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