How much is a Rick of Wood

Rick of Wood : The firewood world is quite distinct and hard to understand as they are measured in a complicated way. There are terms like ‘cord’, ‘face cord’, ‘rick of wood’ and ‘seasoned wood’.

The jargon used is quite hard to comprehend for a newbie to this sector of wood and the phrases and words used in measurement or workings of it.

But worry not, as this article here brings you a guide or a basic idea about what is a Rick of wood, how much it costs, the durability and longevity of the wood, and why it is called so, and what mode of transport can be used to take the products from place to another. 

Let’s Get a Short View of Rick of Wood

TopicKey Points
What Is A Rick Of Wood A Rick of wood is a unit for measuring firewood, also known as a face cord.
It measures around 4 feet high by 8 feet long, with variable depth based on wood length.
Cost of a Rick of WoodThe average cost ranges from $70 to $120, depending on wood type and location.
Duration of a RickTypically lasts 2-4 weeks for home use.
Factors Affecting CostTime of year, scarcity, location, type of wood, additional services impact price.
Good Price for a RickAverage rate is $50-$80; full cord ranges from $150-$250.
Why “Rick”The term is used like “dash” in cooking, representing a certain quantity.
TransportationPickup trucks can carry one Rick, depending on bed size; smaller trucks may hold half a Rick.

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What Is A Rick Of Wood

Rock of wood, or the face cord is a unit for measuring firewood. You may get confused between Rick and face cord.

But they mean the same thing, as they are used interchangeably in measuring firewood – measuring the same quantity or amount of wood. A normal and a staple Rick or face cord measures around 4 feet high by 8 feet long.

The depth of the wood can vary based on the length used for the firewood. If a firewood is cut for 15 or 17 inches, the Rick of the firewood would be deep as much – 15 or 17 inches deep. 

The size of the Rick of firewood can vary according to the geographical location. But mostly the Rick of the wood varies according to the sizes and length of the firewood logs.

A face cord is typically one-third of a full cord, but yet again it varies depending on the length of the wood and also the sizes.

But it is also to be noted that such measurements also impact the heating capacity of the firewood. 

Quick Review about A Rick of Wood

  • Rock of wood and face cord are terms used interchangeably to measure the same quantity or amount of firewood.
  • A typical rock or face cord measures around 4 feet high by 8 feet long.
  • The depth of the wood can vary based on the length of the firewood, usually around 15 or 17 inches deep.
  • The size of the rock or face cord may vary depending on geographical location and the sizes and lengths of the firewood logs.
  • A face cord is typically one-third of a full cord, but this can vary based on the length and size of the wood.
  • The measurements of firewood logs impact the heating capacity of the firewood.
rick of wood

How Much Does a Rick of Wood Cost?

The cost of the wood can vary according to the type of wood and also the location of your residence.

The average rate to be paid for a Rick of wood is around $70-$120. The Greenwood type of wood is quite cheaper comparatively, and can be freshly cut and not dry, but it can’t be used as a seasoned wood.

One of the most important things to pay into consideration whole buying a wood is it’s cost and it’s type and the purpose. 

There are a lot of factors and variable that determine the cost of the firewood, which are as following:

  • Time do the year (prices are high in winter)
  • Scarcity (less demand/supply increases the cost)
  • Location (place of getting wood drives the prices)
  • Type.of wood (whether seasoned or not, dry or Greenwood)
  • Additional facilities and services (transport, delivery)

Quick Wrap of Rick Of Wood Cost –

  • The cost of firewood can vary depending on the type of wood and your location.
  • On average, the price for a Rick of wood ranges from $70 to $120.
  • Greenwood wood is generally cheaper but may not be seasoned and ready for immediate use.
  • When buying firewood, it’s essential to consider factors like cost, wood type, and intended use.
  • Several factors influence the cost of firewood, including the time of year (higher prices in winter), scarcity, location, type of wood (seasoned, dry, or Greenwood), and additional services like transport or delivery.

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How Long Will a Rick of Wood Last?

A full cord of wood comprises of three parts of Rick of wood. It means you can cut the cord in three parts for estimating the Rick of wood and use it as a calculation while purchasing a Rick of wood or cord of wood for larger purpose.

So let’s assume that one Rick of wood is 1/3rd of a full cord. The Rick of wood can also for around 2-4 weeks, if they are used for home purposes.

The stability and durability of the wood depends on various factors, like the climate conditions, quality of the wood, brand, the location of the wood, etc,. 

What is a good price for a rick of wood?

The price of a Rick mostly depends on the geographical location and the uses of firewood.

With that being said, an average rate to be paid for one Rick of mixed firewood is $50- $80. So the payment for the full cord of firewood would be $150-$250. 

The prices may vary based on the present market condition, location and other variables that i crease the prices.

And it can also go high than $150 but yet again, it varies as well due to external circumstances influencing the uses and necessity of the wood. 

Why is it called a rick of wood?

The word ‘rick’ doesn’t have a particular or fixed definition as a unit of measure. But the word Rick can be comparatively used with a term like ‘dash’ which is used in cooking.

Like, using a dash of salt or spice rather than saying to use a spoon full or tablespoon of salt. 

Likewise, if a firewood supplier uses the word ‘rick’ for mentioning the quantity of wood, they use it after knowing the exact measurements or necessary quantity of the wood, but it may not be easily understood by the layman who is new to buying such things or in understanding such terms. 

Rick of wood is majorly used to quantify the wood needed, like a bunch, bundle or a flock. 

Will a Rick of Wood Fit in a Pickup Truck

After the purchase of firewood, then starts the process of transporting and loading. It is important to know which truck or tra sport to use for transportation and what size of wood fits the truck bed.

Based on that, you can find which pickup truck is best fit to carry the size of the stipulated wood.

For instance, a pickup truck can hold and carry around one Rick of wood, which again depends on the size of the truck bed.

And likewise, small truck can fit about half a Rick of wood having a 5 feet bed. Larger trucks having an 8 foot bed can hold a full Rick comfortably. 

Actually, for exact calculation one has to understand where the wood is from, the geographical location of the wood or transport , and also the mode of transport available there for carrying such products. 

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