What are the parts of a bed?- [Diagrams Included]

You might be wondering, ‘Why am I reading about the different parts of the bed’s like that of the different parts of the body? But you might get all surprised and perplexed while shopping for a proper bed when you don’t know the different parts of it or terms related to it.

You might get overwhelmed with terms like’slats’ or  ’cross rails’, and also not knowing about the sizes of different parts, names, or styles of the bed may hinder your purchase of a good bed. 

The following article provides necessary details about the parts of the bed, from headboard to side rails to footboard, and how to select the appropriate style and size that fit in with the proper bed that you go for. Read further to gain a better understanding of the different details and types of bed parts. 

Different parts of a bed

Though you may think that choosing a bed, or a bed in general, is just a place to sleep and rest, it is also imperative to gain an understanding of the parts of the bed. 

Bed PartDescription
HeadboardHeadboard of the bed is where a decorative panel or a flat panel is kept at the head for support.
Headboard SlatHeadboard slat is the the part of the headboard’s back, being the vertical grid.
Headboard Top RailHeadboard top rail is the top part/piece of the headboard.
Headboard Cross TrailHeadboard cross trail is the piece that is used to support the base which is below the slat.
Headboard LogsHeadboard logs is the part of legs where the headboard can be raised to a height.
RailsRails are parts that connect the headboard to the footboard
Bedside RailsBedside rails are rails that are raised to ensure safety at the side of the bed.
Bottom RailsBottom rails are lower than the mattress to match it’s surface.
FootboardFootboard is the part at the bottom of the bed with the decorative panel
Footboard Slat and Footboard Top RailFootboard slat and top rail are vertical and horizontal parts on top of the footboard
ClearClear is where the base of the slats are attached to
Cut SlatsCut slats are pieces that supports the mattress in both horizontal and vertical way.
Box SpringBox spring is one of the important parts which supports the mattress, being the rigid platform
MattressA bed with springs, foam, and padding on the top.

Parts of a bed frame- A Comprehensive Guide

Parts of a bed Diagrams


The headboard, being the major part of the bed, provides additional support and structure to the bed. You can customize it to suit your taste and the decor of the room.


Headboard slat is the part where to the back of the bed frame, a vertical screen is attached for its stability, and the top rail is the horizontal piece or part that is on the slat or set above the slat.

Headboard Cross RAIL

To support the base of the slat and the bed, there should be some important horizontal pieces. The headboard cross rail supports the base by being set below the slat. 


To match the height of the bed, the headboard piece should be set at that same height too. And headboard legs are vertical pieces that make the headboard’s meet the preferred height.

Side rails

Side rails, as the name suggests, are rails situated at the side of the end to prevent you from rolling over or sustaining injuries. For people needing assistance, this part comes in handy. 


Supporting the headboard from the footboard in a lengthy way is the bedside rail. It is situated at the sides of the bed, like the armrest of the chair, helping in the balancing and placement of your hands. 


They are the pieces that move from the headboard to the footboard or run from the headboard to the footboard to support the side part of the bed, making it sturdy. 


Just like the headboard, the footboard is also an important part of the bed. And it indicates where the bed ends, and it also keeps the bed in its steady and proper state. 


It is the vertical panel or piece that is fixed at the front of the bed frame, acting as a decorative piece.


The vertical part that is attached to the front of the bed frame is the footboard, and it is the vertical screen or grid-like surface that provides more sturdiness to the strength of the structure. 


The bases of the beds are quite important, as they carry the weight of the users and also have to be strong enough to hold on to help weight out on the bed. Cleats are the base pieces of the bed where the cut slats mentioned below are fixed. 

Cut Slats

To create overlapping grids and screens to meet the lengths and widths of the space around the base. They are cut thin to form such pieces and surfaces, creating a bunch of them to be attached to the base to form the shape. 

Box Spring

Box springs are the base of the mattress, and it is covered in fabric. Wooden framed beds have these in common: a soft yet strong base for the mattress. There are certain types of beds that don’t require a box spring, like bunk beds or trundle beds. 

Beds with low platforms and sturdy bases do not require box springs, and some may find it a hassle to also incorporate box springs into their mattresses. 


Mattresses are fixed with or include padding and foam to provide a jumpy and soft pillowy structure and feel to them, making for comfortable bedding and sleep periods. With foams, quilts, pads, and padding, extra puffiness is added to the mattresses to create that pillowy effect and also add to the extra puffiness and softness, making it a comfortable space for your sleep or nap. 

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