What is difference between deck and porch?

The house that one builds as per their preference comes with different spaces for specific activities, making the space useful and lively.

There are spaces like a guest room, play room, living area, patio, deck, library, gym, music room, etc, Though some spaces or rooms kept may not be useful, and be used as store room for dumping all the things, some places do accommodate specific interests of the people as per their lifestyle. 

Some like to host parties, bring in friends and have tea or fun alone time in their house. And what more can be the best way than to have an outer open space where we can spend time with nature and also have our own lively activities like reading a book, gardening, or hosting a party. This article has got you covered with what is meant by a deck and a patio, the difference between the two, the difference between porch, deck and a patio, and what is more suitable to your home. 

What is a Deck?

When you think of a deck, you immediately think about the deck of a ship, like that of the Titanic ship.

The open space on the floor of the ship extending the length of the vessel is the deck. But what is a deck here in terms of a house?

Deck is the outdoor space that is situated at the back of the house. These outdoor spaces may not prove to be fruitful for a housing space in general, but it can be used for entertainment or resale purposes. Deck is often confused with Patio, as they are used synonymously. 

What is a Porch?

Porches are spaces that can be both open-spaces and can be enclosed with doors or glass. Porch is a kind of space where the top area or the roof is covered, and protects the people outdoors.

It’s quite a treat to be out in the porch during summers as you be outside and enjoy the space and also work under the roof or shade protecting yourself from the heat. Just like a deck, porches are quite cool and useful when you want to host parties, or hangout with friends or with a book, or having a chill daytime near the pool or outside. 

Porches are of different styles, namely Portico, sunroom, wraparound porch, veranda, back porch, etc to meet the needs and preferences of the house owners. Veranda is one common way of porch, where it is a small space, enclosed or open, providing a neat space to sit and chat with neighbors or friends. Back porch is an extension of the space of the house to the outdoors and people who have their own garden may like this idea. And this backyard can be used as a space for walking or playing with the kids. 

Benefits of deck

Benefits of deck

The deck can be used as an outdoor space for the following activities: 


The outdoor deck can be used as a lounge for the parties you host, or watching sports with your friends, enjoy late night talks with your buddies and also host family dinners to get along with everyone. With the space available, your deck can also be worked into a spa, a party space, or your time with nature, spending time on hobbies that you are into.


Any kind of outdoor space can be utilized as per your preferences. People often keep the outdoor space open, for getting some Vitamin D into their system, as they lounge or use that space for activities like yoga, meditation or exercising. 

Outdoor activities and playing

Activities like gardening, walking or playing with pets, or kids playing on our watch is actually something that can be worked and having a deck area at the back of the house makes it more easier to extend the work or space where you want to do certain outdoor activities. Rather than letting the outdoor space empty, you can join in on activities with the kids to enhance their creativity and enjoy a good family time. 

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Benefits of Patio

Patio has its own benefits as:

Increase in property value

A well made patio can increase the value of the property and invite more demands for the house you are willing to sell.

Aesthetic appeal

The visual appearance and the appeal of the property can be enhanced when a patio is involved. 

Low maintenance 

It can be easy to maintain it, if properly cleaned and utilized properly and regularly. 


Most often , patios are outdoors and can be used to host parties, lunch and dinners, meet up with friends or batch, or you can get creative and make a mini home theatre and watch movies with the kids. 

Additional living space 

Patio, as extended in the outdoor, can be used as a space for other extracurricular activities can finding a space within the house. For instance, rather than installing a gym or a room for exercising, patio with its natural air can help in motivating to workout and also have a breath of fresh air to lounge. 

difference between porch and deck

  • A porch is usually in front of the house, while a deck is situated at the back of the house. 
  • Porches and decks, are both outdoor spaces, but porch welcomes the guests while decks are more private with accomodations for various interests. 
  • Porch always comes with a roof for installation, while deck compulsorily doesn’t support any kind of roof. 
  • Porch is quite easy to maintain than deck as it comes with a roof and UV protection, while deck has to be maintained well to make it a proper space for lounging or other activities. 
  • Porches, as they are at entrance the risk of the kid or pet playinga round and running to the roads are higher than playing in the deck, which is quite enclosed and is connected to the house. 
  • While decks are mostly suitable for private things and parties or just spending time with your book, porch is more designed for being open with the neighborhood and also welcoming of the guest 

How to choose the best option for your home

The best option always depends on the individual or the house owners preferences. They can install both a porch and deck if they are extraverted and love spending time with people, but also would want to have their laone time.

For people having kids and pets at home, having a deck is more suitable as the back of the house doesn’t lead to a road and the outdoor are can be enjoyed to a greater extent with no constraint.

But if you are in a livelier neighborhood or you like to host parties, dinners or clubs, you can install a porch, to invite guests, people over for tea, etc, to catch up with them. It all depends on the quality of the products or materials for installation, the place you live in, the individual preferences.

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