How To Get Floor Plans Of My House- 10 Easy Methods

To understand each complex component in the house, time and effort needs to be dedicated to create a proper plan.

House floor plans are essential part of the house structure as it provides a layout and a view into the designs and layout of the house, making you understand it’s complexities, utilities and it’s functions. 

Following are the different points that should be considered to gain access to the floor plans of the house, of you don’t have information about the floor plans yet.

The article here also describes in detail about 10 easy methods that help in gaining access and information on the floor plans by different means, which provide a clear and authentic outlook about the floor plan of the house. 

 Understanding the Importance of Floor Plans

A floor plan is the literal visualization or the visual blueprint of a space or a building, which shows the space occupied and the layout of rooms and other features to be added.

A well-designed floor plan can help you understand the accurate floor space to be used or used and what can be used in the leftover space and these plans often offer a window-view to the generic idea of the house. 

Visualizing space

For better visual representation of the layout and the space for the building, the floor plan is drawn. This helps the organizers, architects, designers and also the homeowners to understand the functional space of the house or building and the design of the house. 

Efficient use of space

The floor plan, being a window-view to the modern architecture building, makes you understand and get an idea of how the floor space has been used and how it can be utilized.

The necessary space for certain utilities and rooms can be understood from the floorplan, and each square foot, storage spaces, circulation paths, electricity units, etc, can also be cleared in this functional layout. 

DIY Methods for Obtaining Floor Plans

The following methods can be undertaken to obtain the blueprints or the floor plans of your house:

  • Search or surf online for property records and you can contact the authority related to it and get the necessary documents
  • With details like the builder of the house given, it will be quite easy to get the plan by contacting them. 
  • After contact through or gaining information through the local government, you can try to locate the home builder form the number given or the address provided. 
  • There are firms and companies that run ‘as built’ plans, you can get the plans of your house on a commission and get major information about your house plans. 
  • You can work out the plans of the home by your own self, by drafting by hand or by using a home design software 
  • Though it may sound too hard to make plans using your hand, it is quite handy and better than using the software as it takes more time to utilise and understand the software for design. 
  • With the necessary measuring and drawing tools, from your local store, you can start to work on the plans to be made for the house and with the accurate representation of the layout, it will be easy for you to move around the house and know what is what and where it is in times of emergency. 

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Utilizing Architectural Services

Architectural services are professional type of services providing the design and plan of the construction area. These type of services can be provided by practicing individuals or firms, and they are opted to provide well-designed layouts for their projects that are mostly houses or buildings. 

Architectural services can be utilised to get the floor plan of the house, helping with the whole blueprint, layout, and design of the house. With specific measurements, designs and utilization mentioned, it will be easy to understand the overall space occupied and the functionality of the building. 

Exploring Government Records and Permits

While purchasing a building or a living space, you can check in with the local government for information.

The public officials ought to have known some information or history about the city and area of the building, and with such information, it will be easy to understand whether to buy the building or not. It is also imperative to check with the building inspector or the assessor’s office at town hall. 

The builders should file or submit for a permit, before construction or remodeling of a home. This measure is taken to provide or execute some safety measures and standards for the people residing there and also fire companies that will protect your home.

The permits are filed along with the elevation drawings and floor plans of the house, and this can be found in the local town hall in the building inspector’s office. You can look for information regarding the houses that date back to 20 years or so.

Leveraging Real Estate Listings and Property Records

During house hunting ,the possible buyers would want all information available about the house they are willing to buy.

Sellers and real estate agents create detailed listings for properties, with photos describing each and every space, descriptions and layout illustrations to give better idea about the home to the potential buyers. 

Real estate agents often add plans to their listings and other marketing strategies to become additional information to the pictures taken and also layout designs provided for the house to give more insight into the space that is supposed to be purchased. Proper records of the house or the property is to be maintained by them to avoid any further issues that may arise legally in the future. 

Consulting with Previous Owners or Builders

To get a more detailed floor plan, you can consult with the home builder or the previous owners of the house to get the solid and clear blueprint of the floor plan. Previous owners of the house maybe in possession of a floor plan or a house eblueprint, and on contacting them, this might come in handy while purchasing the building.

You can also contact the home builders after gaining their information from the local municipality as they often register the house they are about to construct or reconstruct so as to ensure safety. 

Using Online Platforms and Apps for Floor Plans

You can create plans using your hands, that is after gaining necessary measurement materials and browsing online on how to measure the floor plans of the house. If it’s not possible, you can find a home design software that helps in designing and drawing the floor plan for your house if you add necessary elements and measurements to it.

Different sites and apps offer this service as sometimes it’s not possible to get the floor plans, in terms of insufficient information regarding the past records of the house. 

Hiring a Professional Surveyor or Architect

You can also hire a professional surveyor or an architect to draw the floor plans for your house. With such professional help, it will be easy to gain access to the plans and also understand the fine details of each floor space, square feet and units utilized in the house than drawing the plans by yourself. 

Legal Considerations and Permissions for Obtaining Floor Plans

For certain type of development or construction, permissions are required before constructing. It is one of the major step to be taken in the process of building or making changes to the building area.

The local authorities should make sure that proper documents are filed and permissions are granted for such construction in a land or a space, as it may affect or have an effect on the nearby places. 

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