Worst Home Design Trends of 2024

Worst Home Design Trends of 2024,there are some interior design trends that are becoming worse this year. And this year, 2024 is no such exception from 2023 where the tried and trendy designs are getting outdated already.

The staple white and beige background, the lightings placement, furniture placement to meet the aesthetics, etc are few such trends in past years that have become outdated in 2024. 

Fleeting design ideas may appear as an attractive idea to design the house in, but it becomes an eyesore when it is plain and dull as compared to what we have imagined.

This article brings you the Worst Home Design Trends of 2024 in 2024, pointing out the specific trends that are not here to stay, but were quite a trendy design practice in past few years. 

1. Barn Doors

Whenever we hear or think about Worst Home Design there are the ‘barn’, we get reminded of farmhouses and those styles of houses. These were quite popular among the houseflippers who wanted to cover an extra room or an awkward door.

This farmhouse style doors should have been long gone out of trend as it doesn’t meet the requirements or the pleasing if modern infrastructure. 

They were popular as they were easy to fit and carry and also install. They came in as a single product and were quick to install and dismantle as they were built with a frame.

But these doors, though beneficial in some way, have their disadvantages as well. They become hard to use at places that require privacy like the restroom or bathroom, or bedroom and don’t fit the modern architecture styles. 

These barn doors have gone out of style and have become a cliche, due to its overuse and un-fitting style amongst the upcoming and refreshing trends of designs in houses. French doors prove to be a better alternative to barn doors in terms of saving space. 

2. Cork Surfaces

The cork surfaces are one such trend in the interior design practice that are often sought for its sustainability and organic fitting. But as far as cork is concerned, it is seemingly a misfit in modern or minimalist style designed houses into a Worst Home Design.

Though organic in quality and has a consistent production, fitting a cork brings in other mishaps like stains, and punctures on the surface, depriving the place of its subtle beauty. 

Cork surfaces are seemingly trendy, but in the long run, it turns out-of-date and makes the place look old and dusty.

Bamboo is one such alternative option to make the place look trendy and susceptible to damage instead of cork, which makes it look old and dandy. 

3. Flat Colored Cabinets

Flat coloured cabinets gave a polished and clean look to the overall maintenance of the house and places where such cabinets are present. Though the trend for wooden cabinets are still in trend, flat coloured cabinets have gone out of trend.

It seemi gly provides a monotone and one dimensional look,when it was supposed to be a classy one.

The kitchens having flat coloured cabinets were supposed to look trendy,clean and also less of contrasting colors to keep the look suave, but instead it ends up looking monotone and lack of color or difference in storage spaces for particular products. 

An alternative given for this is a textured wooden cabinet with a transparent edge to it, so as to know where products are kept making it easy for the people using the space to get things done fastly.

It may provide an interesting dimension to it and make the place look more appealing and also more modern and colorfully pleasing to the eyes. 

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4. Shapeless Décor Elements

Biophilic and organic design styles have been on trend for a while making people attracted to them because of its minimalist style which enhances the appearance of the living room making it look clean.

These styles were recommended as they pique the interest of the people and make the interior more large. Though these shapeless objects have that aesthetical appeal and stylish appearance, they have become impractical to maintain and keep on different levels. 

They are becoming quite out of the place as they don’t match well with the other devices of the room giving it an odd one out look overall.

Compared to traditional designs, these shapeless Decor elements are not practical to maintain and are less comfortable for daily use.

As the trend is here to stay, not completely gone at the end of the year, it is suggested to keep the designs simple and not too complicated to fit the decor and style of the hosue. 

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5. All Neutral Color Palettes

Neutral color palettes are often chosen for its classic and stylish look, making the designers and homeowners prefer it more than color it with other colors which may complicate their designs.

More often home owners choose a neutral color palette style to fit their personality and maintenance style, that often requires less painting or overtly bright colors into their room, making them look odd. 

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So to fit their personality style, most of them prefer neutral colors but this has become boring as well, as the same color is used overall making it look monotonous and one dimensional.

This year has started the Worst Home Design trends of embracing colors in their houses, and have shifted from the usual non-colour, non-appealing monotone color to a much brighter or different color scale design to the house.

Colors like brown, blue, green and terracotta have become few of the popular lots, being a total contrast from the neutral colors before. 

6. Polished Surfaces

Polished surfaces have long enough been the forefront in exhibiting the luxurious and posh lifestyle.

Now, as this has become a much used one, people are shifting to family friendly and minimalistic designs without paying much attention to the royal look they always go for, as they are easy to maintain and good to look at.

Though the polished surfaces have their own appeal, it requires a lot of high maintenance to keep the glossy effect and they are more prone to wear and tear, particularly in kitchen and restroom areas. 

7. Low Microwave

Low microwave is a trendy interior design hack that has long been one of the most convenient and comfortable places for hiding a microwave.

Keeping the microwave in the low cabinet is one such popular trend that is still hailed as useful and easy to use. But it is limited in terms of ergonomics and safety, for people who are finding it hard to bend or for old people.

Children may put stuff into them or get near them without any caution, and there is a risk of food getting spoilt or spillage while taking the food from them. 

Though hiding it in a cabinet may seem trendy and convenient to keep things away from children, it would be more convenient if it’s kept at a considerable height or place inside a cabinet, out of the common view of Worst Home Design.

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