Brown granite countertops for kitchen ideas-Design Ideas to Enhance Your Space

The countertops in the kitchen are a common surface to be found in every kitchen, and with the most common color being brown granite, it is also becoming a trend to have brown countertops in every house.

They bring a quality surface to the home and also pick up the color of the space. A polished look and a modernized decor home will always go along with the brown granite countertop. 

But if you have a second opinion on opting for the staple brown granite countertop, here are some ideas to redecorate or upgrade it to another color or surface to make it look less boring and more appealing. This article is all about simple ideas and fixes that could be done to make your countertop a bit more colorful and suit the tastes of the home owners, as well as a few ideas on changing up the granite of the countertop. 

The Most Popular Colors of Brown  Granite Countertops

Fantasy Brown Granite

Fantasy Brown Granite

Fantasy brown granite is a popular choice among homeowners and is quite trendy, making it the top choice for a countertop. This countertop isn’t something extraordinary, as it’s labeled as granite, marble, or a combo stone that is used as a countertop. It is designed and comes in white with grey to brown works or swirls. It’s quite luxurious to look at, and it works well to fit in with the modern decor of the house. 

It can coordinate and mix with other colors or designs. The white and gray countertop could be mixed with woody brown, beige, grey, and blue. The fantasy brown granite can be used as your backsplash to bring in colors or hues to your atmosphere, making it more present and neat.

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Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown Granite

This black-brown granite is quite eye candy, as its rich color reminds you of chocolate, and it comes from Finland. With a tinge of or a mild shade of brown and a major dominant black color, this tops the list, as well as being quite dark yet luxurious in its look. 

Known as Baltic rain or bruno baltico, the countertop could be matched with wooden cabinets and rustic spaces that are mostly in woody areas or forests. 

Tan Brown Granite 

Tan Brown Granite 

With a similar shade to Baltic rain, Tan Brown granite is apparently the most commonly used countertop for the kitchen, making it the go-to choice for home owners. With fewer shades of brown and a darker shade of black and gray, this countertop is the most sought-after, as it has a very rich and deep color and a modern touch to it, making it align with the colors of the home. 

With a coppery gold and a deep chocolate color, wooden cabinets suit or match this countertop and provide the kitchen with a suave yet rusty look. 

Venetian Gold Granite

Venetian Gold Granite
Brown granite countertops for kitchen ideas-Design Ideas to Enhance Your Space 7

Venetian gold granite is mostly tan, not too much of a goldish brown, and also a common white. It comes with different color specks, being gray, red, black, brown, and also black at times. The predominant black and brown for the whole of the granite is not seen here, as the tanned color gives it a fine look, making it look more luxurious. 

The main advantage of this countertop is that it fits every color and design, be it cabinets or walls, and makes the room more bright with its light yet deep, rich color of tan. Charcoal gray cabinets work well for this countertop without making it look odd, and gold is also a possible option. 

Coffee Brown Granite

Coffee Brown Granite

Modern, variety, luxurious, seemingly rich, and also loud but attractive countertop ideas can fit the coffee brown granite. It stands out in the kitchen with its rich and dark coffee color, and a honed finish can add to the aesthetics of the room and home. 

White-colored cabinets suit this countertop, as the rich black and brown combination can make up for the fine look, making it look more modern and neat. 

What are the best paint colors for brown granite countertops?

For choosing the best paint color for the countertop, it all comes down to your preference and choice of style, as it should suit the place of residence. People often go with the safer option of choosing the neutral color being white, beige, gray, or a rich cream color to not provide any contrasting color effects in terms of cabinets or backsplashes. 

But otherwise, if everything is brown, you can balance the theme by choosing a cool color, like a light blue or blue tone in general. A cool gray, green, or gray blue color provides richness to the place and also adds desired effects to the space without making it boring with the same color. 

What is the cheapest way to change granite countertops?

Following are a few foolproof ways to change or update the granite countertops in the kitchen:

  • Granite, though one of the most durable and stable materials for a countertop, can get monotonous and boring as time goes by. 
  • You can tile over the present granite top; tiles are popular materials and can be used as a final material for bathrooms, floors, etc. 
  • It can also be used as an alternative for the kitchen countertop.
  •  Tiles can be placed on top of a countertop to avoid any cracks on the surface. 
  • You can also use a countertop refinishing kit, which is another practical way to update the countertop. 
  • It comes with resin, epoxy paint, and other decorations and embellishments like stone chips to make a glossy surface like that of a stone. 
  • Laminations over the countertops are another easy way to make the countertop look appealing, and it is also one of the most affordable ways to change your countertop. 
  • Contact paper from home improvement stores, department stores, and even online. 
  • It can be easily cut and rolled up by the workers or installers.
  • Countertop film can be used to cover the existing countertops to provide a new and polished look to the surface. 
  • You can also skin coat the present countertop with concrete to give it a modern look. 
  • A wood overlay and spray paint on the countertop work wonders as it becomes polished and appeals to the other decor of the place. 

What color complements brown the most?

Brown can be complemented by the use of hues and variations of other colors. Below are a few colors that get along well with brown, and you can incorporate them into the tiles or backsplashes while holding the brown granite for a countertop:

  • Mustard yellow
  • Pastel pink
  • Navy Blue
  • Gray blue
  • Royal Fuchsia
  • Black and copper
  • Copper brown
  • Tan colour
  • Cool white or cream
  • Teal colour
  • Sage green
  • Medium purple
  • Perwinkle and golden yellow

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